Commitment and Calling

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I’m currently in India where I have been doing conferences and training for leadership.  I chatted with one of our extraordinary leaders who is instrumental in a dynamic and holistic ministry involving church planting, community agricultural development, leadership development, pastoral training, evangelism, building of education centers, etc.  I asked him how he came to Christ from Hinduism and how he was called to ministry.  He said that both were on the same day.  He said that a friend invited him to church where he heard the gospel of what Jesus Christ had done.  He tearfully received Christ into his life and wanted to know what to do.  When the offering was taken, everyone in the church went forward to put their rupees in the offering box, he had nothing.  He was very poor.  Instead, when everyone else had put their offering in, he simply walked to the front of the church and sat by the offering box and told the pastor, “I have no money.  But, I offer myself to serve Jesus Christ the rest of my life.”  And, he has.  And God has blessed the world through him.  That was commitment and calling in one fell swoop.