Membership can sound so intimidating. That’s why we talk about covenant. That’s why we talk about a deepening and sweetening of the key relationships of our lives. We talk about becoming a part of an organic group with whom we participate in the pilgrimage of life.

In covenant membership we choose to join with each other, and mystically become the body of Christ. In fact, we can not be the body of Christ by ourselves; the mystery requires others, it requires mutual submission, it requires peace making and it requires a purpose together.

We’re happy to introduce this new tool to help you invite attendees to take this significant step of covenant membership. It’s completely customizable, collaborative and interactive. In fact, this tool has been designed so you can take its basic blueprint and make it completely your own. AND, then you can post your contribution on line, helping to create a depository of modified tools for the next pastor.

We know you’re going to enjoy the freedom this new tool gives you to take your people deeper in their walk with Jesus, together.

– Bishop David Roller