Ourselves and Others


Book – The Bondage Breaker – Neil T. Anderson

Book – Freedom from Addiction – Neil T. Anderson

Book – The Signature of Jesus – Brennan Manning

Book – Healing for Damaged Emotions – David Seamands


Book – Freedom of Simplicity – Richard Foster

Web site – Cinema In Focus (Wayman and Conklin) – www.cinemainfocus.com

Web site – PluggedIn (Focus on the Family) – www.pluggedinonline.com

Alcohol Abstinence

Booklet – Beer, Wine & Spirits: What’s the Big Deal? – Donald Bastian


Book – Every Man’s Battle – Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker

Book – The Game Plan – Joe Dallas

Book – At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry – Steve Gallagher

Book – Thoughts Matter – Mary Margaret Funk

Software – Covenant Eyes Filtering Software – Covenant Eyes, Inc

Software – X3Watch (accountability software)

Software – Safe Eyes (parental control software)

Software – X3Pure (30-day online recovery program)

Web site – Integrity Online (internet and e-mail filtering) – www.integrity.com

Sanctity of Life

           Book – Every Bush is Burning – Joan Puls

           Book – Our Greatest Gift – Henri J.M. Nouwen

Life in the Workplace

Book – Sacred Pathways – Gary Thomas

           Book – The Active Life – Parker J. Palmer