Praying For Your Pastor

Do you know how to pray for your pastor? Do you understand the nature of the work your pastor does?

Some areas of a pastor’s ministry are undisclosed. Many times the pastor is dealing with hurting people who need a high level of confidentiality, so your pastor is unable to talk openly about this work.

A significant part of the pastor’s life is to be devoted to the ministry of the Word (both study and proclamation) and to prayer. Other urgent matters in the church tend to put demands on the pastor’s time – time that should be spent in the primary responsibility of study, proclamation and prayer. This tension between urgency and primary responsibility has been with the church from the beginning.

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The Pastoral Prayer

By Donald N. Bastian

The pastoral prayer contributes —significantly to the week’s high hour of worship. It must not be an empty ritual that holds its place in worship only because of generations of tradition. Rather, the pastoral prayer is a sacred moment when a pastor intercedes for the well-being of the church and also gathers up their praises and petitions, offering them in humility to a listening Father. The purpose of this article is not to encourage pomposity in public prayer, or literary artistry, or self-conscious striving for effect. We encourage pastors to pray public prayers that are authentic, ordered and fresh ” heard not only by the Lord but also by the Lord’s people in a way that quickens their faith.

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A Prayer for the Congregation

Heavenly Father,

Come quiet our hearts from life’s distractions. Settle down upon us. Draw near to us as we draw near to you.

You, Oh Lord, are the Creator of all things. You hold all things together.
You are the Giver of life. Every good and perfect gift comes from You.
You give us everything we need for life and godliness.
You are preparing a place for us to be with You forever.

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Repent and Believe Liturgy

I/We confess that I/we have squandered my/our wealth on myself/ourselves and neglected my/our calling to the poor and disenfranchised.

I/We believe that God’s own heart is especially tuned to the poor and to those who will open their hands to serve them.

I/We confess that I/we allow my/our standard of living to be set by my/our culture of comfort and excess, and not the kingdom’s culture of radical generosity.

I/We believe that I/we can “… be made rich in every way so that [I/we] can be generous on every occasion …” (2 Corinthians 9:11, NIV).

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Litany of Humility

O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, hear me.

From the desire of being esteemed, deliver me, O Jesus.
From the desire of being loved,
From the desire of being extolled,
From the desire of being honored,
From the desire of being praised,
From the desire of being preferred to others,
From the desire of being consulted,
From the desire of being approved,

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