Repent and Believe Liturgy

I/We confess that I/we have squandered my/our wealth on myself/ourselves and neglected my/our calling to the poor and disenfranchised.

I/We believe that God’s own heart is especially tuned to the poor and to those who will open their hands to serve them.

I/We confess that I/we allow my/our standard of living to be set by my/our culture of comfort and excess, and not the kingdom’s culture of radical generosity.

I/We believe that I/we can “… be made rich in every way so that [I/we] can be generous on every occasion …” (2 Corinthians 9:11, NIV).

I/We confess that I/we have tried to fulfill my/our mission to the poor with meager resources — my/our “leftovers” — and token compassion.

I/we believe that miracles of multiplication and provision for the multitudes like the “feeding of the five thousand” occur when God’s people courageously give away what they themselves need.

I/We confess that I/we have seen holiness mainly in moral terms rather than ministry power.

I/We believe that whomever the Holy Spirit fills receives discernment, wisdom, empowerment and resources sufficient to liberate people from physical and spiritual poverty, transforming individuals and whole communities.


(Doug Newton, excerpt from “Repent and Believe” (A liturgy of response to the Bishops’ Address). 35th General Conference, Free Methodist Church of North America, Spring Arbor, MI, July 7, 2007.)