Yesterday a friend invited me to come to her house so that she could give me some of the flowers from her beautiful garden. I had been invited to do so weeks before but had been scared because I knew that if I had flowers I would have to take care of them and actually try not to kill them. It was easier just to pass the message by–until she wrote back a second time. As I walked through her garden I saw these beautiful, wonderfully taken care of plants and lovely blossoms. Eeeek. I couldn’t do that. She told me that 10 years ago she didn’t know how to do it either but that she researched and read and figured out how to make them grow, where to plant them and how they all work together. It gave me hope that I too might be able to transplant these beautiful flowers and put on my green thumb.

I feel like we are a lot like that in our Christian lives. We get the offer of this wonderful gift but are fearful of the unknown and where it might take us and want us to do, that we just kind of brush it off and don’t respond. Then we get another invitation and decide to look into it, still a little hesitant ,but more on board than before. What I’ve found is that we can know Christ, but it takes work to build that relationship to what it should be. We have to spend time reading about who God is and what the characteristics of Christ are so that we know how to groom that relationship. We have to be willing to go out and weed out the nasty things in our lives, even if they are hard to pull out. We even have to be pruned from time to time which involves cutting and is often quite painful. But as we do these things we begin to see wonderful, fresh fruit in our lives and the glorious blossoms that living a life for Christ shows.

Oh to have a beautiful garden. I’ve had many of my flowers and plants that have died over the years. I’ve had to pull them out of the ground and start over. Each time I learn more and more about that plant and how to keep it alive. May you find the same in your life with Christ. If you’ve tried and failed, try again. You can blossom if you know how to take care of that blossom. May this spring be a time where your blossoms of Christ become brilliant and colorful.