APRIL 3, 2020 (1:00PM – 5:30 PM (Eastern time) Zoom Meeting)
BOA Members, please CLICK HERE to download a PDF interactive copy of the 2019 Book of Discipline for your personal use.
1:00 PM

Board Convenes,  Welcome/Instructions for participating in meeting,  Devotions,  Roll Call, Adopt Agenda as a guide


Susan Agel, Chair

1:30 pm

Report from the Board of Bishops

  • Consultation with Demoninee – to view Will Mancini bio, click here.
  • Presentation from Will Mancini  – to view the presentation slide, click here.
  • Discussion/Implications 

Board of Bishops 

2:30 pm
  • Report on General Conference (GC) 2023 Venue Locations 
  • Selection of General /conference 2023 Date and Venue 
  • BOA Nominating Committee Report 
  • Approval of Regional Review Boards 

Mark Dowley, COO 

Board of Bishops 

Kenny Martin 

Board of Bishops 

2:45 pm  


3:00 pm

Board Reconvenes 

3:00 pm

Benefits Committee/Pension Plan Report – to view the report click here.

Charles Toy, Benefits Chair 

4:00 pm

Discussion and Recommendation of Financial Relief

Susan/Glen Prior, Stewardship   Finance Chair/Board of Bishops 

4:30 pm

Reports/Updates from the Board of Bishops

  • Task Force Updates 
  •    Structure & Effectiveness – to view the task force report, click here.
  •    Credentialing 
  •    Justice & Advocacy – to view the task force report, click the following links.  Link1  , Link2 Link3  , Link4
  •    Diversity  –  to view the task force report, click here.

Board of Bishops  

5:00 pm

Future Meetings/Future FMC Events 

  • Justice & Advocacy Forum, September 10 – 12, 2020, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 
  • International Youth Conference (IYC), June 28 – July 2, 2021 


5:10 pm

Executive Session 

5:30 pm

Board of Administration Adjourns