Capturing Christmas

FROZEN SLIDE2 GofundmeSome people only attend church services on Christmas and Easter. They venture out just a few times a year to remind their families that they have some semblance of religion. Most don’t have a saving faith in Jesus. Many don’t even retain much respect for the Church. Nonetheless, the pull of tradition draws them to their nearest place of worship on these rarest of occasions.

What will your church do to capture the attention of these infrequent guests? How will your church capitalize on the opportunity of seeing these people, in your neighborhood, sitting in your church, potentially hearing the gospel for the first time or the first time in a long time?

One Free Methodist church — Citizens Church in Phoenix, Arizona — is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to reach neighbors and reveal Christ. Their hope is that the momentum generated by a large Christmas event will snowball into a season of growth.

On Dec. 21 at two special servFROZEN SLIDE2ice times, Citizens Church is hosting a “FROZEN Christmas.” They will have “real” snow made onsite (a rarity in the Phoenix desert) complete with mobile sledding hill. Additionally, characters playing Queen Elsa and Princess Anna will be making guest appearances for photo opportunities and even a special performance.

During these services, children and adults will be exposed to worship and an impactful gospel message. After the services, guests will participate in the sledding, photos, prizes and treats.

At a similar event for Easter 2014, Citizens Church saw its numbers swell from 100 to 371 on a single Sunday. But what’s better is that 12 people committed their lives to Christ that day with two of those 12 still being discipled in the church.

There are a number of ways your church can maximize the impact this Christmas season. The same ideas and tactics may not produce the same results for every ministry, but it’s up to us – the church – to lead the way in drawing people to hear the gospel and become disciples.

We hope this example will encourage you to think outside the box and give your community members the best gift they could get this Christmas, the gift of the gospel.

To find out more about Citizen Church’s “FROZEN Christmas,” visit: You can also help Citizen Church members reach their event giving campaign goal by making a much appreciated donation at

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