Just got off Skype with Sheila and she said the teaching on inner beauty as a testimony to their unsaved husbands at the Nueva Esperanza FM last night was awesome. The place was full as she contrasted the world’s idea of beauty with God’s idea using a powerpoint of the world’s most beautiful people.( Above: Corrie Ten Boom, one of the most gorgeous women we have ever known) Beauty is all God’s idea…everything He created was beautiful. The key is knowing what true beauty that lasts is. She taught 4 observations of inner beauty from I Peter 3 and then challenged the people to keep short accounts…its like going to a spiritual beauty salon! Sheila said there was tears in many eyes as she spoke. Please whisper a prayer that all of those who have unsaved husbands would find Christ through the witness of their wives and that while we are in the states, the Nueva Esperanza church would thrive with Pastor Alex (Maria’s dad from Venezuela) and Pastor Dan Bonney from Opportunity Christian Fellowship in Spokane (my home church) leading and the for the Licht en Leven FM church under Lawrence and Jackie’s leadership.

Next week, Sheila cooks Afghan food with one of our Muslim friends at the year end festival sponsored by our language school.

Being Disciples, Making Disciple
Dick and Sheila