God Provides in Amazing Ways

By Matt and Christine Sauder, Philippines

Seth and Hlawn Hlawn Van TifflinWhen we first arrived in the Philippines in June, one thing we learned was that it’s almost expected of missionaries to have a kasmbahay, a house helper. We realized with both of us in language school and homeschooling our daughter, Chloe (1st grade), it would be nice to have someone to help us around the house and with whom we could practice our Tagalog.

We arrived in June and we had no idea how to find an honest and reliable kasambahay, which can be a rare find.

While looking for furniture, we ended up buying our dining room table from a missionary family from another organization who was leaving the Philippines. I arrived to pick it up and the missionary asked if we needed anything else or maybe a house helper. I told her we would probably look for one but we hadn’t even started looking yet.

She said since they were leaving we should definitely consider their helper. I went in and talked with her. She was very nice. I asked her what she did outside of work and she told me she was very involved in her church and with a children’s program called International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) at the Kamuning Free Methodist Church.

I was shocked. I told her I worked for ICCM for eight years and that was also my church; though, we had only attended there once since we had been back at that point. Wow. God surely provides! We met a great and well-recommended Free Methodist kasambahay!

We had her over for an interview and found out she has worked for missionaries for 30 years. Further, we discovered she had once been the kasambahay for David and Sherrill Yardy, the ones who invited us to the Philippines and our dear friends. What a small world!

We are so happy that we found her and we know God orchestrated it all. Our girls love her. She comes twice a week and we enjoy being able to help her and her family as well. She has also been very helpful with our language learning.

Her name is Fely. One of her five children, Angela, is diagnosed with NMO (neuromyelitis optical), which is very similar to MS (multiple sclerosis). At times it’s very difficult for her to get around and walk and she has been trying some experimental treatment because nothing seems to be helping.

Praise God with us for meeting and being able to have Fely as part of our family now; and please pray for Angela’s healing and comfort and for Fely as she cares for her. God provides. God is good!

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