A Toilet, a Fence or a Life Under Construction

A Toilet, a Fence or a Life Under ConstructionPastor Gideon leads two Free Methodist churches in Koh Ksachtunlea, Cambodia. He preaches in the morning at the Light and Life FM Church East and in the afternoon at the Light and Life FM Church West. He travels by motorcycle from home and between churches many kilometers on roads that resemble driving on dry riverbeds more than they do any road with which we’d be familiar. He has to take a couple of ferry rides on what is no more than two canoe-like boats bound together with planks of wood that, believe it or not, can carry and transport one car and many motorcycles and walk-on passengers.

When we were with Gideon recently we asked him to share prayer requests with us. Gideon’s first request was the most compelling, especially coming from a parent’s perspective. It flowed more like a story as the translator spoke, rather than as a prayer request. The translator conveyed how God had called Gideon into ministry and shared the tremendous sense of blessing it has been for him to serve the Lord. Gideon spoke of his children and then transitioned to share how providing for them is a challenge. Pastor Gideon told how his youngest child can no longer attend public school, which is supposed to be free but isn’t. His daughter wants to finish high school, but there isn’t the $15 a week needed for travel expenses, food, supplies, and school uniforms… click here to read more!

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