Juliana SITTING up in bed this afternoon, less than 24 hours after her back surgery, was completed. Soon afterward, with the help of a nurse and her father, she was on her feet, walking to the x-ray machine! The surgery was completed more quickly than programmed (3 hours of preparation and only 4 hours of surgery) and without any complications. In addition, today’s x-rays show a 40 degree improvement in the curvature of her spine! They are moving her out of the critical care unit into a regular room tonight.

The recovery process hasn’t been as easy as it sounds and I’m sure there will be many ups and downs, but this girl has faced the challenge head-on with an excellent attitude. When she was drifting off to sleep today, she said, “Mom, do you really think I’m brave?” My answer was a resounding, “YES!”

Please continue to pray with us that the recovery will be like the surgery, without complications and quicker than expected.

Again, thank you. While I don’t want to fill your inbox with messages from us, I do want you to know how she’s progressing. The most critical care she has and will receive comes in the form of the prayers of the faithful!

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