Glenn and Wendy Lorenz

Lorenz Family

Costa Rica/Latin America

Glenn and Wendy, both ordained elders, were appointed as career missionaries in April 2015. The Lorenzes moved to Costa Rica in January of this year, where they are working alongside local leadership to facilitate the pastoral formation process for Latin America. Glenn and Wendy have served churches in California, Michigan, Arizona and Kansas.

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Pray for:

Glenn and Wendy’s ministry to be Spirit-led and effective

wisdom, balance and a God-given vision for current partnership building, as well as future ministry to the people of Latin America

God’s protection over Libby, Isaac, Jakin and Ellia


Glenn – March 5

Wendy – July 1

Libby – August 23, 2001

Isaac – February 19, 2004

Jakin – September 30, 2005

Ellia – August 11, 2007


August 14

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