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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Pray for the Annual Youth Camp taking place in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria August 15-19. The theme is “Trust and Obey.” Participants will participate in a debate, music competition and Bible quizzing. There will also be services focusing on salvation, reconciliation, deliverance, healing, and prayer. Pray for the leaders and the participants to be open to all the Holy Spirit wants to do during these days.


The church in Nepal will experience increased opposition beginning this week. Pray for protection for our pastors and pray that they will “find another way” to share the gospel.


Pray for a team from Ireland who will be ministering in several churches in Bulgaria. Ask the Lord to prepare them with an effective message for these churches.
Al and Diane Mellinger (missionaries to Bulgaria) also ask us to pray for the Lord to provide the furnishings for the St. John’s Home for at-risk girls.


Forty-two leaders from 12 countries and at least 19 Latin American cities were gathered in Medillín, Colombia at the end of July for a Community Church Planting Summit. Praise the Lord for the training, coaching, resourcing and fellowship that took place. Pray that this event will result in a biblical movement of reproducing disciples, leaders and churches to reach Latin America for Christ.

Glenn and Wendy Lorenz request continued prayer for their Religious Workers Visas to come through. They have been waiting on this paperwork which would allow them to drive in Costa Rica without having to leave the country every 90 days.


Praise the Lord for “H” and “N”, two ladies who are finding meaningful work and hope through a livelihood ministry in this region. Pray for their emotional healing from the trauma they have experienced.


We praise the Lord and celebrate with Dr. Dale (Middle East Area Director) and his wife Dawn on the birth of their granddaughter, Haley Kay, to their son and daughter-in-law, Brandon and Melanie.

Pray for Jill Land (missionary to the Philippines) who will have surgery Monday, August 20 to repair the trigger thumb and ring finger on her right hand. This will be an outpatient procedure and she expects to have a 1-2 week recovery time.


Pray for new partners for SEED and the SEED team as they plan for broader and more effective ways to help livelihood groups in 2018-2019 and beyond.

Learn more about SEED


Gilson Andrade, Director of the ICCM Mento Santo school in Brazil, has been endeavoring for several years to gain approval from the State of Bahia to offer high school education. This significant opportunity for education is urgently needed in the region, but there have been bureaucratic roadblocks for several years. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open minds and soften hearts of government officials so approval will be given and the plans for the school can proceed.

Government officials in Cambodia are warning that the flooding this year may be more severe and impact areas not previously touched by rising water. ICCM House of Joy, House of Love and House of Peace could be impacted as they are near a long river. Pray for Cambodia and the children and families who are being impacted by the flooding

Learn more about ICCM


Eden’s Glory is a long-term restoration home where survivors of human trafficking are restored. Praise the Lord for one resident who was recently baptized. Pray for women who currently reside there that they will be open to God and His direction for their life. Also, pray for current staff needs to be filled.

Learn more about The Set Free Movement


Four VISA trips are being planned and will depart from Orlando, Florida following General Conference 2019. We invite you to join other Free Methodists from around the country who will be serving in one of these locations: the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Togo (West Africa) or Miami, Florida.

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Chadwick and Sarah Anderson
Kevin Austin
Thom and Sherry Cahill
Ashley Carroll
David and Sarah Clemente
Ginger Coakley
Ricardo and Beth Gomez
Glenn and Wendy Lorenz
Al and Diane Mellinger
Delia Nüesch-Olver and Paul Olver
Seth and Hlawn Hlawn Van Tifflin


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