Costa Rica

Country Statistics

Mission District

  • Population: 4,755,234 (59% urban)
  • Evangelical Christians: 14.8%
  • FM Work Opened: 1990
  • FM Churches: 8
  • FM Membership: 842
  • Ordained Ministers: 4
  • Ministerial Candidates: 3
  • Director: Victor Quesada Juarez
  • Overseer: Latin America Area Director Dr. Delia Nüesch-Olver

    Major City:

  • San José (1.4 million)


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Costa Rica

Reproducible Bulletin Insert

Funding the Costa Rica Country Support Account (CSA) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:

Mission district leader Victor Julio Quesada Juarez as he pastors a local church and leads the district

The district vision plan that includes four priorities: developing leaders, planting churches, strengthening FM identity, and economic sustainability

Four of the churches have started schools for leaders at the local level; a team of people is relaunching the Seminario Biblico to offer classes for ordination at the district level

Four new church plants are developing – the newest, an outreach in the coastal city of Puntarenas

Top Priority #1: Remodeling of the parsonage at Tilaran Free Methodist Church. (NorthWest Costa Rica several hours from Alajuela/San Jose) The project work includes replacing the electrical system, installing a new sink and doors and installing a ceramic floor.

Priority #2 Replacing the electrical system and replacing the tin roof at Coyol Free Methodist Church (Alajuela area)

Priority #3 The construction of a basic spare room and bath at the San Carlos Free Methodist Church (Alajuela area) The church would like the capacity to offer lodging to families of patients who have no where to stay while their family members are in the hospital.