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Seeds is a children’s curriculum that teaches 11 foundations of the Christian Faith. Some children coming to our...

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Our Story 2024

An event for Free Methodist women in ministry  ScheduleWednesday, March 6, 2024      12 pm: Registration Opens...

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Equipo de Liderazgo Ejucutivo (XLT)

Under the direction of the Board of Bishops, the Executive Leadership Team (XLT) exists to aid and support superintendents, conference leadership teams, and other denominational entities in the implementation of the denominational vision frame (mission, values, strategy, and mission measures) and cultivation of the five values of The Free Methodist Way.

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Equipo de Liderazgo de Directores de Área (ADLT)

The Area Directors Leadership Team and Board of Bishops oversee all missionary work originating in the Free Methodist Church USA General Conference. This includes general oversight of policies and strategies, teaching healthy missiology, recruiting and appointing candidates for missionary service, and encouraging global church planting.

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