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FMCUSA Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Contact the COO’s office via the form below if you are looking for direction for questions related to Best Practices, Property Insurance, Legal Matters, Payroll Taxes, Permission to Sell, Permission to Mortgage and other administrative matters.

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Mark Dowley

Chief Operating Officer (COO), FMCUSA

Mark has blessed us with his leadership for the last six years and will be leaving this position as of August 2nd 2024. We thank Mark for his excellence and wholehearted giving to this ministry and will miss him greatly. 

Michael Forney

Chief Operating Officer (COO), FMCUSA

Michael is serving part-time alongside Mark for the month of June, 2024 and will begin full-time in early August. 

About Michael

Michael Forney serves the Free Methodist Church USA as Chief Operating Officer. He is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church who has previously served as the Superintendent of the Pacific Northwest Conference and as the Assistant Superintendent of the Southern Michigan Conference, focusing on church revitalization, leadership development, and growth.

He has a diverse background in both business and ministry. In the business sector, he held executive roles in turnaround and early-stage tech and manufacturing companies. In the church, he served as a church planter, lead pastor, and executive/teaching pastor in various settings—urban, rural, and suburban. He spent many years coaching pastors and consulting with churches on turnaround strategies, governance, finance, organizational development, and mission.

His educational experiences include currently pursuing concurrent degrees—an M.A. in Applied Leadership Theory and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with a focus on Business and Ecclesial Leadership at Northwest University. He holds a graduate degree from Regent University and completed graduate studies at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, and a bachelor’s degree from Northwest Bible College.

He is married to Cate, and they have four daughters, a son, and several grandchildren.