Free Methodist Church USA "let there be light" with Dove-Flame Mark. Orange and Blue.
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FMCUSA Calendar

Dec 31Resolutions for GC23 DueSubmitted by email to the Bishops' Office via Brad Wilcox
Mar 6FMX Gathering (Prior to Exponential's Global Conference, organized by the Strategic Catalysts of Multiplication)Orlando, FL
April 19-22FMCUSA Board of AdministrationIndianapolis, IN
June 26-30National Bible Quizzing FinalsSeattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
July 24GC23 National Prayer Summit
(Attendees should arrive to Orlando on July 23)
Orlando, FL
July 25-28GC23: General Conference 2023
(Attendees should arrive to Orlando on July 24 and depart on July 29)
Orlando, FL
Aug 23Founding Date of the Free Methodist Church (1860)Pekin, NY
Sept 28-30Justice Network SummitSpring, TX (Houston Area)
Oct 9-11 (Tentative)Walking the FM WayGreenville, IL

2023 Schedule for Annual Conferences
Free Methodist Church – USA

Annual ConferenceDate(s)LocationBishop
Gateway3/25Greenville Free Methodist Church, Greenville, ILBishop Keith Cowart
Ohio5/5 - 5/6Bishop Linda Adams
Pacific Northwest5/6Bishop Matt Whitehead
Genesis5/11 - 5/12Bishop Linda Adams
UK & Ireland5/12-5/13Bishop Keith Cowart
Pacific Coast Japanese5/13Bishop Matt Whitehead
East Michigan5/19 - 5/20Bishop Linda Adams
Southern California5/20Bishop Matt Whitehead
Sierra Pacific5/25 - 5/26Bishop Matt Whitehead
Reach6/1 - 6/2Bishop Matt Whitehead
Wabash/New South6/2 - 6/3Louisville, KYBishop Keith Cowart
North Central6/2 - 6/3Bishop Linda Adams
Harvest6/9 - 6/10Bishop Linda Adams
Keystone6/11 - 6/12Bishop Linda Adams
Southern Michigan6/15 - 6/16Bishop Linda Adams
Oregon6/16 - 6/17Bishop Matt Whitehead
North Michigan6/23 - 6/24Bishop Linda Adams
River6/24Bishop Matt Whitehead
Acts 12:246/25 - 6/27Grand Poconos, PABishop Keith Cowart
Southeast Region7/29Orlando, FLBishop Keith Cowart
Great PlainsTBDBishop Keith Cowart
Mid AmericaTBDBishop Keith Cowart

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