Free Methodist Church USA "let there be light" with Dove-Flame Mark. Orange and Blue.
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FMCUSA Calendar

Aug 23Founding Date of the Free Methodist Church (1860)Pekin, NY
Sep 8-10Justice Network SummitAzusa, CA
Mar 6FMX Gathering (Prior to Exponential's Global Conference, organized by the Strategic Catalysts of Multiplication)Orlando, FL
April 20- 22FMCUSA Board of AdministrationIndianapolis, IN
July 24GC23 National Prayer Summit
(Attendees should arrive to Orlando on July 23)
Orlando, FL
July 25-28GC23: General Conference 2023
(Attendees should arrive to Orlando on July 24 and depart on July 29)
Orlando, FL

2023 Schedule for Annual Conferences
Free Methodist Church – USA

Annual ConferenceDate(s)LocationBishop
Gateway3/25Greenville Free Methodist Church, Greenville, ILBishop Keith Cowart
Ohio5/5 - 5/6Bishop Linda Adams
Pacific Northwest5/6Bishop Matt Whitehead
Genesis5/11 - 5/12Bishop Linda Adams
UK5/12-5/13Bishop Keith Cowart
Pacific Coast Japanese5/13Bishop Matt Whitehead
East Michigan5/19 - 5/20Bishop Linda Adams
Southern California5/20Bishop Matt Whitehead
Sierra Pacific5/25 - 5/26Bishop Matt Whitehead
Reach6/1 - 6/2Bishop Matt Whitehead
Wabash/New South6/2 - 6/3Louisville, KYBishop Keith Cowart
North Central6/2 - 6/3Bishop Linda Adams
Harvest6/9 - 6/10Bishop Linda Adams
Keystone6/11 - 6/12Bishop Linda Adams
Southern Michigan6/15 - 6/16Bishop Linda Adams
Oregon6/16 - 6/17Bishop Matt Whitehead
North Michigan6/23 - 6/24Bishop Linda Adams
River6/24Bishop Matt Whitehead
Acts 12:246/25 - 6/27Grand Poconos, PABishop Keith Cowart
Southeast Region7/29Orlando, FLBishop Keith Cowart
Great PlainsTBDBishop Keith Cowart
Mid AmericaTBDBishop Keith Cowart

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