Free Methodist Church USA "let there be light" with Dove-Flame Mark. Orange and Blue.

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Main Switchboard

(317) 244-3660

Mailing Address
PO Box 51710
Indianapolis, IN 46251

Street Address
5235 Decatur Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Toll-Free – (800) 342-5531

Paula Lund, Receptionist

Janet Duncan, Receptionist



(317) 244-3660

Mark Dowley, Chief Operating Officer – ext 367

Kevin Eccles, Database Manager – ext 255

Theresa Portwood, Data & Technology Facilitator – ext 279

Elizabeth Goodberry, Executive Administrative Assistant to the COO – ext 323

Jeff Ruemmele, Facilities – ext 297

Board of Bishops

(317) 244-3660

Keith Cowart, Lead Bishop

Kaye Kolde,  Bishop

Kenny Martin, Bishop

Brad Wilcox, Board of Bishops Executive Administrator – ext 208

Center for Pastoral Formation

(317) 244-3660

Steve Tungate, Director of the Center for Pastoral Formation – ext 273

Jennifer Wilson, Administrator of the Center for Pastoral Formation – ext 275



Free Methodist World Missions (FMWM)

(317) 244-3660

Gerry Coates, Director of Global Church Advocacy – ext 234

Deb Miller, Director of Operations and Innovative Initiatives – ext 226

Jon Fajardo, Finance Liaison – ext 253

Jan Coates, Communications Content Coordinator – ext 266


(317) 244-3660 x218

Jo Lammey, Director of Finance

Sam Beck,  Finance Administrator

Tammy Randall, Finance Assistant

Janet Kiggans, Accounting Associate-Accounts Payable

Debra Hancock, Accounting Assistant-Donor Receipting

Jon Fajardo, Missions Donor Relations

Angie Young, Gift Processing Specialist

Jennifer Kuhn, Gift Processing Specialist

Human Resources

(317) 244-3660

Debbie Jenkins, Human Resources Specialist – ext 213

Lori Sherwood, Human Resources Specialist – ext 202


ICCM (International Child Care Ministries)

(317) 244-3660 x502

Alma Thompson, Director of ICCM

Amber Jennings, Executive Assistant to Director of ICCM

Jan Janacek, Finance Coordinator

Brenda Jacobs, Sponsor Correspondence Coordinator

Ray Babcock, Admin. Asst. for Special Projects

Matt Sauder, Global Coordinator for Community Connection

Julie Innes, Donor Communications Coordinator

Julianne Class, Enrollment and Photos Coordinator

Jennifer Kuhn, Assistant for Finance and Children’s Letters

Madisen Marble, Executive Assistant

Marston Memorial Historical Center

(317) 244-3660

Cathy Robling, Historical Director – ext 281

Julianne Class, Archivist – ext 203

Kyle Moran, Digital Librarian – ext 282

Light + Life Communications (LLCOMM)

(317) 244-3660

Brett Heintzman, Director of Communications – ext 311

Jeff Finley, Editor, Light + Life Magazine – ext 310

Karen Kinnaman, Social Media Content Strategist – ext 222

Douglas Britt, Web Technician – ext 420

Matthew Alte, L+L Bookstore / Warehouse Manager – ext 246

Karen Cantu’, Graphic Designer for L+L Magazine

Carl Brand, Graphic Designer – ext 265

Heather Utley,  Web Designer

Barb Heintzman, Yearbook Editor – ext 260