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The Free Methodist Way. Five Values that Shape Our Identity

The call to One Way through Clarity, Unity, and Culture.

In response to numerous national conversations with FM leaders at all levels, the bishops introduce: The Free Methodist Way: Five Values that Shape our Identity. No more identity crisis. These five values express the distinctives that set us apart from other faith families in the body of Christ.
Our bishops invite you to join us in creating a unique culture in every local church as you lead a disciples-making, mission-engaging congregation that embraces The Free Methodist Way as a way of life. We’re excited to share these resources with you.

Five Values that Shape our Identity

Bishops' Overview Video (23 min)

Hear from Bishops Keith Cowart, Matt Whitehead, and Linda Adams as they introduce and discuss The Free Methodist Way: Five Values that Shape our Identity.

Download The FM Way Design Pack


  • Powerpoint slides

  • Graphics components (badges, logos, titles)

  • PDF and WORD documents


PDF Document

Free Methodists are first and foremost a Kingdom people. Yet throughout church history God has raised up distinct movements like ours to enrich the larger body of Christ. Building on the legacies of John Wesley and B.T. Roberts, but always discerning where God is moving.

Extended Presentation (90 min)

Bishop Keith presents on the Free Methodist Way at Gateway Conference’s Leadership Summit 2021.

Print Resources

Light and Life Bookstore carries several print resources in English and Spanish. These are excellent resources for membership classes and small group conversations and discussions around these five values.