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Pastors + Leaders Newsletter

2022  Newsletters

January Newsletter – Theme: Freeing the Church from Toxic Discipleshipread more


March Newsletter – Theme: Online Prayer Meeting for Europe and for Ukraine, Friday, April 8read more


April Newsletter – Theme: FMX Connects Free Methodist Multipliersread more

June Newsletter – Theme: First Conference of Conexión Latina Metodista Libre: Building Bridgesread more


JulyNewsletter – Theme: EQUIPPED School of Ministryread more


2021  Newsletters

February Newsletter – Theme: Season of Lent – read more

March Newsletter – Theme:  The Free Methodist Way – Teaching, Preaching, Resources and Scriptures

Life-Giving Holiness  –  read more

Love-Driven Justice  –  read more

Christ-Compelled Multiplication  –  read more

Cross-Cultural Collaboration   –  read more

God-Given Revelation   –  read more

April NewsletterTheme: The Love Required of Us Book Club | Save the Date – Marked FMYC – read more

May Newsletter –  Theme:  Special Edition – Tech Survival Training  –  read more

June Newsletter –  Theme: Raising up Biblically literate congregations – read more

July Newsletter –  Theme:  We Are One: Reflections From the 2021 AHN Conference | Upcoming Events – read more

August Newsletter –  Theme:  Personal Financial Training Grant! | Upcoming Events! – read more

September Newsletter –  Theme:  Pastoral Counseling – read more

October Newsletter –  Theme:  Leadership Lessons For a New Reality – read more

November Newsletter –  Theme:  Learning to Calm a Noisy Soul – read more

December Newsletter–  Theme:  National Prayer Summit Online 2022 – read more


2020 Newsletters


January – Theme: Avoiding Pastoral Burnout – read more

February – Theme: Discerning Difficult Situations – read more

March – Theme: Prayerful Pastors Preach with Power! – read more

April – Theme: Bishops’ Conversation! Celebrating Communion Virtually! – read more

May – Theme: Growing Your Church in Christ-likeness! – read more

June – Theme: Self-Care and Soul-Care for Pastors! – read more

July – Theme: Bi-Vocational and Loving It! – read more

August – Theme: Empowering + Leading Amazing Volunteers! – read more

September – Theme: High-bar Discipleship! – read more

October – Theme: A Calling to Ministry + Community Engagement! – read more

November – Theme: Telling Our Stories + Leveraging Our FM Connections! – read more

December – Theme: No more identity crisis! Introducing The FM Way. – read more



2019    Newsletters


January – Theme: Online Annual Reports, GC19 Registration, GC19 Mission Trips – read more

February – Theme: Deeper Awakening National Prayer Summit 2019, Starting Strong 2019 – read more

March – Theme: Youth Summit 2019, ICCM, Housing Allowance Law – read more

April – Theme: Deeper Awakening National Prayer Summit 2019, GC19, Central Christian College of Kansas – read more

May – Theme: Immigration Prayer Summit, African Heritage Network Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary – read more

June – Theme: GC19, National Association of Evangelicals, Starting Strong Registration 2019 – read more

July – Theme: National Prayer Ministry Videos, GC19 Live!, Freedom Sunday 2019 – read more

August – Theme: New Bishops Welcome African Immigrants, ROOTs Children’s Curriculum – read more

September – Theme: Getting to Know the New Bishops, Giving Tuesday 2019 – read more

October – Theme: Pastor Appreciation, New Federal Overtime Law, Higher Education Guide 2019 – read more

November – Them: Reproducing Churches and Multiplying Freedom – read more

December – Theme: Facing being alone at Christmas – read more