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Financial Training for Pastors

A message from FMCUSA Chief Operating Officer, Mark Dowley, explaining the Financial Training for Pastors program

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A financial advisor from FMF Financial Services will contact you.

The National Association of Evangelicals seeks to honor God by connecting and representing evangelical Christians in the United States. It represents more than 45,000 local churches from 40 different denominations and serves a constituency of millions. The Free Methodist Church is one of the denominations partnering with the NAE. Because of this partnership, we are able to offer our lead pastors this grant-funded Financial Health resource.

FMF Financial Services believes good financial Stewardship begins by learning how to make wise decisions regarding money.  Many people aren’t taught about money and how to handle it properly.  Our commitment is to help anyone who is interested learn how to wisely handle their money and finances to provide for their family and honor God.  We take people where they are and teach them the next best step in their Stewardship Journey.  Our hope is each person we work with gains new insight and confidence they are moving forward on the right path.