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From Broken To Beautiful Cover

From Broken to Beautiful

Jeff Baxter, the lead pastor of River Church in Lakewood, Colorado, has written for top Christian publisher Zondervan with books aimed at specific groups such as Christians attending college, but his forthcoming Light & Life Publishing book, “From Broken to Beautiful,” has a much wider target audience — “anyone who cares about the local church.”

“I have seen my share of brokenness in … Read more...

Our Bishops’ Statement on Charlottesville

Free Methodists have a mission to love God, love people and make disciples of all nations. We love and embrace all people as we seek to bring wholeness to the world through healthy biblical communities of holy people. Our denomination’s founders spoke and acted against the institution of slavery while also opposing class distinction, and we continue that legacy of opposing racism in the midst … Read more...


A New Day for the Church in Uganda


It has been a delight to see the work of God firsthand in the Free Methodist Church in Uganda. Thousands of people gathered at the football grounds in Kanungu, the home to mountain gorillas, on Aug. 6 for the inaugural of the Provisional General Conference of Uganda.

I had the opportunity of ministering the Word of God at this grand celebration … Read more...

Students Called to Shine at Quiz Finals 2017

The week of July 10-14 saw 350 students and their leaders from across the United States and the Philippines descended onto the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College for Free Methodist Bible Quizzing’s annual Quiz Finals. This season, students studied and committed to memory the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon.

The theme was focused on Philippians 2:14-16, where Paul says we will shine … Read more...

Photo by David Turner

Teens Called to Faith and Ministry at FMYC

Photo by David Turner

What happens when 850 teens and youth leaders receive the vision to be relentless in seeking new life in Christ for themselves and others while also experiencing God’s relentless love? What happens when more than 50 young women stand in front of their peers to reveal God has called them to ministry, receive prayer from their peers and leaders, and then … Read more...


Revival in Acts 12:24

New churches are springing up rapidly in the Acts 12:24 Churches at the same time conference leaders are focusing on the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Superintendent David Harvey preached at this year’s annual conference on “The Gift of the Holy Spirit.” His sermon concluded a three-part series on the Holy Spirit’s work that he has taught conference leaders to emphasize Free Methodism’s historic … Read more...

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Podcast Uncovers the Church’s Layers


Members of the Free Methodist Church are part of a larger family that connects them with people all over the world.

However, Josh Avery — the pastor of student ministries at Freedom Church in New Middletown, Ohio, and the men’s discipleship manager at Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley in Youngstown, Ohio —  noticed a need. He realized that although individual Free Methodists … Read more...

Assefa Gezu (003)

Meet the Chaplains

The Free Methodist Church – USA recently endorsed four chaplains: Assefa W. Gezu, Maria T. McKiernan, William G. Rushik and M. Jay Vincent.

Assefa W. Gezu

On April 19, Bishop David Kendall approved Gezu (pictured above) of Antioch, Tennessee, for endorsement as a U.S. Air Force chaplain. Gezu, a native of Ethiopia, is an elder of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California.

He received …


Author Reveals Biblical Connections

In a new book, Free Methodist Elder Janet White helps Christians discover the significance of the Old Testament and the unifying themes of the entire Bible.

“I’ve always liked the Old Testament, and I think, unfortunately, many Christians don’t read it except maybe for the Psalms,” White said in an interview. “I really feel like the Bible is one book, one story — God’s story … Read more...

Joel Figgs

Central Welcomes New Admissions Director

As the new director of admissions, Joel Figgs will be focusing on increasing student enrollment at Central Christian College of Kansas. He will be overseeing the application and acceptance processes for incoming traditional students, and will model Central’s Fit Four philosophy (fit heart, fit mind, fit soul, fit body) in his everyday duties.

Prior to Central, Figgs served as the vice president for enrollment … Read more...


Leadership Conference for Immigrant Pastors

The Acts 12:24 Churches‘ first orientation conference for immigrant pastors was held in Alexandria, Virginia, for pastoral leaders from Central Africa and India.  The conference was planned by Chris Pulice, Doug Cross, Myller Olivio and Howard Olver.  The Alexandria Free Methodist Church hosted the event and provided the meals and lodging.

At least 25 pastors attended the sessions that included Free Methodist history and … Read more...


Kline Leaves Legacy of Higher Ed Excellence

Bruce Kline in 1990 (Marston Memorial Historical Center)

Bruce Kline led the Free Methodist Church’s higher education efforts after serving as president of one of the denomination’s key institutions — now known as Central Christian College of Kansas.

“Dr. Kline’s service to the kingdom of God and the Free Methodist Church is impressive indeed. In one capacity or another, he served under Free Methodist … Read more...

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