• Although communication is not yet fully restored after Hurricane Maria, we are getting reports out of Puerto Rico of extensive damage to homes and Free Methodist churches.   Click here for Bishop David Roller’s call to pray and give to the recovery efforts.

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  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Superintendent Darrel Riley reveals the ongoing impact for Free Methodists in Florida. Click here to read more and to support relief efforts.


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Pray for Las Vegas

As you know, Sunday evening a gunman opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas and in just minutes, more than 50 were shot dead and more than 400 were wounded. It was the work of a lone gunmen, but it seemed and surely felt like an act of war upon the people stricken, their families and their community.

The Free Methodist Church joins …

This photo shows hurricane damage and flooding at the Free Methodist Church in Santurce, a district of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Pray for Puerto Rico and Help It Recover From Hurricane Maria


This photo shows hurricane damage and flooding at the Free Methodist Church in Santurce, a district of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

If you’re still dry, perhaps you’ll want to help. Although communication is not yet fully restored, we are getting reports out of Puerto Rico of extensive damage to homes and Free Methodist churches. Everyone and everything got wet — some … Read more...

Hurricane Irma Update: Pray and Give

Free Methodists across the United States are praying for residents of the areas affected by Hurricane Irma and giving through the Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund to support relief efforts.

“In most parts of the state, the power is back on.  Cape Coral was back online this past Friday evening, and just 30 minutes ago Pastor Juan Grullon from Orlando First reported that power has been … Read more...


Free Methodists Provide Harvey Relief

The Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund is supporting Free Methodist relief teams to become the hands and feet of Jesus to Texas residents suffering from the flooding and other devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey — the strongest storm to hit the U.S. mainland in more than a decade.

“The Free Methodist family has the opportunity to pray, give and go to Texas just as we do … Read more...


In the Wake of Hurricane Harvey, Pray and Give

The world is familiar with natural disasters. We often see them from afar. The Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund was created to assist our ministry family and bring much needed relief to those impacted most by the disaster. Hurricane Harvey has wrought devastation on our shores in the U.S., and though we are not able to assist all, we are here to help those close to … Read more...


Oakdale Educates in Christ-Centered Community


I’ve been a Free Methodist my whole life, and I am still discovering wonderful ministries in our denomination. A good example of this is Oakdale Christian Academy, the only Free Methodist boarding school in North America. If you have never heard of Oakdale, I suggest you boot up your laptop or grab your cell phone to check out its website. Or just … Read more...

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Partnership Provides Lunch With Dignity

The Olive Branch Mission serves takeout lunches with dignity through a partnership with Starbucks, Feeding America and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

As the Chicago Tribune’s Samantha Bomkamp recently reported, the partnership gives homeless Chicagoans an upgrade to the brown-bag lunch sandwich that homeless shelters typically offer guests as they leave each morning. Olive Branch receives unsold sandwiches and salads each night from Starbucks’ Mercato … Read more...


Rwandan Free Methodists Celebrate 75 Years


It was indeed one of the most impressive celebrations in the Free Methodist Church worldwide. More than 10,000 Free Methodists gathered at the football (soccer) ground in the outskirts of Kibogora Township by Lake Kivu on Aug. 13 to proclaim 75 years of God’s goodness and blessings on the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda.

A grand parade led by a Free …


Podcast Uncovers the Church’s Layers


Members of the Free Methodist Church are part of a larger family that connects them with people all over the world.

However, Josh Avery — the pastor of student ministries at Freedom Church in New Middletown, Ohio, and the men’s discipleship manager at Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley in Youngstown, Ohio —  noticed a need. He realized that although individual Free Methodists … Read more...

Assefa Gezu (003)

Meet the Chaplains

The Free Methodist Church – USA recently endorsed four chaplains: Assefa W. Gezu, Maria T. McKiernan, William G. Rushik and M. Jay Vincent.

Assefa W. Gezu

On April 19, Bishop David Kendall approved Gezu (pictured above) of Antioch, Tennessee, for endorsement as a U.S. Air Force chaplain. Gezu, a native of Ethiopia, is an elder of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California.

He received …


Author Reveals Biblical Connections

In a new book, Free Methodist Elder Janet White helps Christians discover the significance of the Old Testament and the unifying themes of the entire Bible.

“I’ve always liked the Old Testament, and I think, unfortunately, many Christians don’t read it except maybe for the Psalms,” White said in an interview. “I really feel like the Bible is one book, one story — God’s story … Read more...

Joel Figgs

Central Welcomes New Admissions Director

As the new director of admissions, Joel Figgs will be focusing on increasing student enrollment at Central Christian College of Kansas. He will be overseeing the application and acceptance processes for incoming traditional students, and will model Central’s Fit Four philosophy (fit heart, fit mind, fit soul, fit body) in his everyday duties.

Prior to Central, Figgs served as the vice president for enrollment … Read more...

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