Free Methodist Church USA "let there be light" with Dove-Flame Mark. Orange and Blue.

The working of God’s grace does more than bestow favor. Grace replaces the influences of sin, darkness and shame, with God’s divine influences of light and holiness. Grace, then, is not only beneficial to those that receive it, but flows through us to reach out to others.

Three Workings of Grace

Three Ways We Respond

The Means of Grace

Living in the grace of God is a daily walk. Through the worship of God, reading His Word, prayer, and participating in the sacraments like communion or the Lord’s supper, we remain in Him. Each of these practices is a means by which we remain or abide in the grace of God. Life in Christ is not to be lived alone but in the company of others. The church, or the Body of Christ, shares in the mission of Jesus in this world.

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