The Great Commission
(Matthew 28:16-20)
focuses the mission of Christ-followers.
• Jesus has all authority given to him,
• He bids us to “Go (come) and to make
disciples of all peoples.”
The Great Commandment
(Matthew 22:36-40)
informs our motive in Kingdom service.
• To love the Lord our God with all our heart,
soul, mind, and strength; and
• To love our neighbor, people everywhere, as
we love ourselves.
The Great Challenge
(Matthew 25:31-46)
ties ministry to the Master personally.
• The King will say “Come, you who are
blessed by my Father:
• for I was hungry, thirsty, a stranger, needed
clothes, sick, and in prison; and
• you gave me food, drink, took me in, clothed
me, treated me, and visited me!
• Whatever you did for people in need, you
did for me!”

New Co-Directors of Chaplain Ministries

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Tim and Patricia Porter as the new Co-Directors of Chaplain Ministries. Additionally, Tim will assume the role of Chaplain Endorsing Agent for the FMC. Tim and Patricia follow the outstanding work of Rex and Louise Carpenter, who blessed our chaplains for 13 years. Please pray for Rex and Louise as they transition to retirement and Tim and Patricia as they assume this important work.  They are eager to work with you to continue the great work of our FM Chaplain Ministry.



Keith Cowart, Bishop

Free Methodist Church, USA

Free Methodist Chaplains are serving in hospitals, hospice and palliative carecollege campuses, retirement centers and nursing homes, counseling centers, marketplace and community interest groups, special schools, county jails, state and federal prisons, VA medical centers, police/fire/emergency services, and Army, Navy, Air Force Chaplaincies (in the USA and overseas).  In these places the Holy Spirit is at work and He beckons us to, “Come and minister to the deep spiritual needs of people.” 

Free Methodist Chaplain Endorsing Agent

Clinical Pastoral Education 


III.  Chaplain Credentialing Options(Clergy and Laity)  


  1. Ecclesiastical Chaplain Endorsement (Ordained Elders) 
  2. Ecclesiastical Chaplain Certification (Conference Ministerial Candidates, Deacon, Laity)  
  3. Ecclesiastical Chaplain Approval (Military Chaplain Candidates) 

Chaplain (LTC) Ray Leach, President – Deputy Command Chaplain, Theater Sustainment Command, Belle Chasse, Louisiana

Daleasha Hall, Vice President – Systems Director of Peace Health Hospice & Palliative Care for OR, WA, & AK, ORE

Sam Cabrera, Secretary – VA / IU Health Chaplain, WAB

James Demaray, Member at Large – Bluegrass Care Navigators Hospice/St. Joseph Hospital Chaplain, Wilmore, KY, NSC

Kathy Petteys, Member at Large – Heritage Ministries/Rolling Fields Elder Community Chaplain, Gerry, NY, GEN

Larry Lyons, Member at Large – Hospital Chaplain, Michigan

FM Hospital Chaplain Rick Kerr speaks on COVID response at St. Lukes Boise Medical Center.

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FMCA Hospice Chaplain, Diane Munoz: Miss human touch? 
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