Michael and Maria Long

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Michael and Maria are heavily involved in refugee crisis ministry at the borders and also lead a thriving international congregation in Thessaloniki, with members from 14 nations: Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Afghanistan, Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Sir Lanka, Philippines, U.K. and US. The Greek FM nongovernmental organization (NGO) Anagenesis Balkan helps meet the needs of those suffering from the ongoing economic crisis. Also, the Thessaloniki Prayer Room operates to raise up inter-church intercession. Hospitality services are provided by Jason’s Place Christian hostel.

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Pray for:

young leadership of the Thessaloniki church to grow spiritually strong and become mature ministers

volunteers such as drivers, administrators and craftsmen needed for the refugee crisis ministry

prayer room initiatives

ministers called to reach the Muslims in Europe


Michael – April 16

Maria – June 17


August 15

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Mike and Maria Long: Ministering in Thessaloniki

  • Spontaneous Ministry

    Our 4 year refugee ministry means being interictally involved in so many refugee families, we experience their struggles and challenges.  Recently, riots broke out at a camp where many attend our church.  It drew international attention and in the news broadcast it even showed persons that had attended our church confronting the police line.  Frustrations […]

  • More baptism celebrations

    Observation:  Baptisms lead to more baptisms.  Every time a new believer from the Middle East gets baptized, someone else requests also to be baptized.  Last Sunday, five were baptized after waiting so long from Iran and then Turkey.  They shared their stories, promised their faith, and cried with joy as the water buried their past […]

  • 2019 starts well with new believers and more baptisms

    If the rest of the year goes well like the beginning, it will be an amazing year. Two teenage sisters  gave their hearts to the Lord and completed the baptism preparation lessons.  Just two days before their baptism they were smuggled to another European country. We were afraid for the risky journey.  Today, we received […]

  • Good bye 2018 and Hello 2019

    We wish you a very blessed and fruitful New Year!!! Please send donations to Greece Country Ministry Fund

  • Year End Wishes

    Our Christmas December has been full of joy, celebration, thanksgiving and family.  We hope that your time is special too.  Here are some pictures of our family, refugee dinner, wedding and Sunday service party.  We are very thankful for all that the Lord is doing and the multitude of blessings.  We love you and wish […]

  • Ministry sharing tour begins

    Maria took off today with our grandson, Jason, with Gina, our daughter to fly to Manchester and on Saturday she flies on to Birmingham, Alabama to begin a tour of sharing in the south about the ministry celebrations.  She will be based in Birmingham  without the grandson, of course, at our coworker’s home in Arabic […]