FM History Update-November 28, 2017

A new FM History Update newsletter is now out. It contains some new information about the renovated MMHC space and a thank you for all the help completing it. It also has some gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. You can read the newsletter here. You can also view a video of the Zahniser […]

FM History Update-October 18, 2017

A new FM History Update newsletter is now out. It is about the Zahniser Chapel Dedication that happened last week. You can see pictures of the completed chapel and read an update about what all has been done to the Historical Center and what is still coming. You can read the newsletter here. You can […]

Fall 2017 Newsletter

The Fall 2017 Newsletter was recently sent out. In it is an article describing the renovations being done to the Historical Center and the new resources that will be offered once they are completed. Included also is an article by Laura Chevalier about her recent trip to the Historical Center to conduct research for her […]

FM History Update-August 30, 2017

A new FM History Update newsletter went out last week. It tells about the renovations that started in early August. It also shows some pictures so you can see some of the progress. Included also is a short article about a group that came to the Historical Center to learn about their family history. You […]

Under Construction

The renovation of the Historical Center space is underway. Thousands of books have been boxed, artifacts have been inventoried and packed, and furniture is being stored. Our part of the work is done for now. Don’t worry we have plenty of filing to keep us busy along with the regular work. Join in the excitement […]

All About Caring Video

We have added a new video to our website called All About Caring. It was created by Free Methodist Communications in 1979 and is hosted by Dr. Donald Riggs. It begins with a short biography of John Wesley and then goes into some of the positive things the Free Methodist Church has done. Each of […]

FM History Update-June 7, 2017

A new edition of the FM History Update e-newsletter is now out. The main article is about the new FM Bookstore where there are two books relating to Free Methodist history available. They are B.T. and Ellen Roberts and the First Free Methodists, abridged by Dan Runyon from Howard Snyder’s Populist Saints, and Edward Payson […]

FM History Update-May 10, 2017

A new edition of our e-newsletter went out today. It has a short article about the Life Line Orphanage. This was a mission founded by the Rev. S.V. Coe and his wife that aided needy children. It ran from the 1907 until 1982. You can read more about the Life Line Home here. There is […]

Spring-Summer 2017 Newsletter

The Spring-Summer edition of the Free Methodist Historical Society Newsletter is now out. It contains an article by Paul Tippey about the importance of Holiness theology. It also has the first in a series of articles about Free Methodist history in relation to contemporary publications. The article is by Matthew Nelson Hill and is about […]

Why Not? A Plea for the Ordination of those Women whom God Calls to Preach His Gospel by Walter A. Sellew

This booklet was recently requested from the archive and we thought it may be of interest to others. Walter A. Sellew first published this in 1894 then reprinted again while he served as bishop in 1914. It contains Bishop Sellew’s arguments why women should be allowed ordination. You can read Why Not? here.