Bishop William Pearce

Bishop William Pearce served the Free Methodist Church in the office of bishop for 39 years. He served with 12 other bishops during this time from Bishop Burton R. Jones through Bishop Charles V. Fairbairn. He was a minister of the gospel for 61 years. He was the first to receive the title “Bishop Emeritus”. […]

FM History Update Newsletter Oct. 7, 2014

The newest edition of the FM History Update e-newsletter went out today. It contains an article about the audio-visual materials in the archive, an update on the planned renovations in the Historical Center and a short description on our Oral Histories collection. The renovations include a new chapel recreating an early 20th Century Free Methodist […]

FM History Update Newsletter

In June, we started an email newsletter called FM History Update. We also sent one out in August. You can look at these two previous editions and all the ones that will be upcoming at our archive. You can also sign up to receive the newsletter on any page of our website in the sidebar […]

Happy Birthday Free Methodist Church!

154 years ago the Free Methodist denomination was organized on August 23, 1860 in a camp meeting grove in Pekin, New York. According to Bishop Leslie Marston’s From Age to Age a Living Witness, pg 252 & 253 “The Challenge:  The call for a convention at Pekin, NY to be held in conjunction with a camp meeting […]

Top Ten Reasons for Being a Free Methodist

The Marston Memorial Historical Center now has T-shirts for sale. They feature a stylized portrait of B.T. and Ellen Roberts on the front and a list of the Top Ten Reasons for Being a Free Methodist on the back.       For more information, previews, and how to order the shirts click here.

The Springboard of Free Methodism- Western Convention

July 1, 1860 The Western Convention, which soon would become the Illinois Conference of the Free Methodist Church, was organized near St. Charles, Illinois.  Click on the link to read more. Western Convention FMC

Ken Leech Video-Marks of an Effective Ministry

A new video pertaining to the Reverend Ken Leech has been added to our video collection. In it, he spoke about his ministry at the home of George and Mayno Delamarter (Stanwood, WA) in 1989. He was a pastor, church planter and superintendent for the Free Methodist Church in the United Kingdom. Before Ken became […]

Summer 2014 Newsletter

The Summer 2014 issue of the Free Methodist Historical Society Newsletter is now available. This issue is a tribute to 61 years of Free Methodist Bible quizzing. Rev. Mike Hopper and Rev. Vaughn Robart share their personal involvement with quizzing. You won’t want to miss reading about the newest items donated to the Historical Center […]

Recent Additions to the Historical Center

The Historical Center recently received the original altar from the Albion, NY Free Methodist Church. We also received an original window from the church. Zhonda Haase is on the Ohio Conference Historical Committee and served on the BOA for several years. She initiated this project and had this to say about it: Since the late […]

Light and Life Hour: June 5, 1955

The June 5, 1955 broadcast of the Light and Life Hour has been added to the Historical Center’s site. The broadcast’s theme was the 150th Psalm while the speaker was Myron Boyd. The announcer for this broadcast was Sid Hayman and the soloist was Hubert Wash. There were also testimonies from LaVerne Matthews, Marjorie Snyder, […]