FM History Update-May 10, 2017

A new edition of our e-newsletter went out today. It has a short article about the Life Line Orphanage. This was a mission founded by the Rev. S.V. Coe and his wife that aided needy children. It ran from the 1907 until 1982. You can read more about the Life Line Home here. There is […]

Spring-Summer 2017 Newsletter

The Spring-Summer edition of the Free Methodist Historical Society Newsletter is now out. It contains an article by Paul Tippey about the importance of Holiness theology. It also has the first in a series of articles about Free Methodist history in relation to contemporary publications. The article is by Matthew Nelson Hill and is about […]

Why Not? A Plea for the Ordination of those Women whom God Calls to Preach His Gospel by Walter A. Sellew

This booklet was recently requested from the archive and we thought it may be of interest to others. Walter A. Sellew first published this in 1894 then reprinted again while he served as bishop in 1914. It contains Bishop Sellew’s arguments why women should be allowed ordination. You can read Why Not? here.

Decision to Discipleship-Student Manual Added

In June of 2016 the Decision to Discipleship training manual was made available as a resource on our website and on the Free Methodist Church USA website Most recently we were contacted by a minister serving a church plant in Seattle. He was familiar with this resource and asked about the student manual that […]

FM History Update-January 31, 2017

The latest edition of the FM History Update e-newsletter came out today. It contains a financial update and thank you for year-end donations. It also tells about some new resources added to the website and archive. You can take a look at it here. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, you […]

Missionary Tidings 120 Years Ago

The Missionary Tidings’ first issue was published in January, 1897 by the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Free Methodist Church.  It was published monthly at the Free Methodist Publishing House, 14-16 North May Street, Chicago, Illinois.  The subscription price for a single copy was 30 cents per year. If you wanted ten to twenty-five copies […]

National Trivia Day – FM Trivia

If you grew up in the Free Methodist Church you learned early on several acronyms used frequently- CYC, FMY, WMS, etc.. Take our trivia quiz and see how well you do. Answers will be posted tomorrow 1-5-17. FM History Trivia How many of these Free Methodist related acronyms do you know?   BOA-Board of Administration […]

FM History Update-December 7, 2016

A new issue of the FM History Update e-newsletter has been sent out. It contains a few updates about the historical center. These include a year-end financial update, a social media update, and a renovation update. You can take a look at it here. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, you […]

B.T. Roberts and Abolition

In honor of Abolition Day, December 2, here are some thoughts from B.T. Roberts on how he came to be against slavery. From its foundation by Roberts, abolition was a key issue for the FM Church. This passage was taken from Howard Snyder’s book Populist Saints, p. 33-36. Read it here. Image credit to Boston […]

2016 Year End Report

You’ll be interested to read a year-end report in place of our traditional Newsletter. We think you’ll find this interesting and informative. We’ve highlighted exciting activities of this past year. If you are used to sending in your yearly contribution for membership, please print out, tear off and mail the bottom portion or go online […]