FM History Update Feb. 3, 2016

The latest edition of the FM History Update is out. In it is an article about the Historical Center’s namesake, Leslie R. Marston, and his experience during the First World War. To read this and more, follow this link. To sign up to receive these e-newsletters click here.

Fall/Winter 2016 Historical Society Newsletter

The Fall/Winter 2016 issue of the Historical Society Newsletter has arrived. This issue commemorates Henry and Franklin Ashcraft, two pioneers in spreading Free Methodism to the West Coast in the second half of the 19th Century. They were also important figures in the founding of Greenville College and Seattle Pacific University. The main article was […]

The New Free Methodist Publishing House, Chicago, IL 1909

Dedication of new FM Publishing House 1909 In light of the proposed Bed and Breakfast at the former FM Publishing House building in Chicago, IL, we thought our readers may find it interesting to read a little history from 1909.    

FM History Update-October 14, 2015

The latest edition of the FM History Update is out. It describes the recent agreement between the MMHC and the B.L. Fisher Library of Asbury Seminary to digitize several Free Methodist books which will be freely available online. To read this and more, follow this link. To sign up to receive these e-newsletters click here.

FM History Update-August 12, 2015

The newest edition of our e-newsletter went out today. It describes the Historical Center’s activities at the recent General Conference and a new cataloging system in the library. You can read it here. If you would like to sign up to receive the e-newsletter click here, enter your information and check the Marston Memorial Historical […]

Historical Center Activities at GC15

General Conference 2015 held in Orlando, FL at the Caribe Royale was a success in the fact that the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident and working. The attendees were encouraged to better love God, love people and to make disciples. Historical Booth (Jim and Cathy Robling with Julianne Class) Our exhibit was located […]

What’s New in the Library

As you may know, the process of renovating the Historical Center is going to begin soon. The library will be undergoing some big changes as part of the renovation. For one, In the recent weeks we have started a collaboration with the Asbury Theological Seminary to transfer our library’s card catalog online. Previously the MMHC […]

Summer 2015 Historical Society Newsletter

Check out the latest Historical Society Newsletter. In celebration of General Conference 2015 the Free Methodist Historical Society Newsletter has gone “retro” with articles from The Earnest Christian. You’ll be challenged by B.T. Roberts’ articles on “Simplicity” and “Camp Meetings” as well as being encouraged by early church members. Read it here.

FM History Update-May 6, 2015

The newest edition of the Historical Center’s e-newsletter went out today. It is about the recent dedication of the archive in honor of Evelyn Mottweiler. She was the executive secretary of the MMHC from 1971-1988 and did a lot for preservation of FM history. It also contains information about the Historical Center’s activities planned for […]

Archive Dedication

The Free Methodist Archive dedication was held on Friday, April 10. The archive is named in honor of Evelyn Marston Mottweiler for her outstanding service in the development of the Marston Memorial Historical Center. Evelyn served as Executive Secretary of the MMHC 1971-1988. Family, friends, WMC staff as well as BOA members joined in celebrating […]