Pray for Las Vegas

As you know, Sunday evening a gunman opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas and in just minutes, more than 50 were shot dead and more than 400 were wounded. It was the work of a lone gunmen, but it seemed and surely felt like an act of war upon the people stricken, their families and their community.

The Free Methodist Church joins the many across our nation and around the world as the shock of such massive tragedy sinks in and weighs down upon us all. Something within us reflexively cries out, “Not again!” Then, Someone within and among us joins us in weeping and groaning for those who grieve dear ones senselessly taken and worry for those now threatened by their wounds.

Let us pray for the hurting and the grieving, for first and later responders who continue to investigate and protect a city made numb by its tragedy, for the saving and healing of the wounded, and for the aftercare and support that will be necessary in coming days.

Let us also pray that the peace of God calms and assures the anxious, the love of God casts out fear, and the hope of Christ compel the friends of Jesus everywhere to comfort and help all made needy and vulnerable by such senseless violence.

Board of Bishops

Free Methodist Church – USA

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