Wilmore FMC Builds People and Buildings

Article Written by: Martha Evans Sparks

After several years of pencil chewing, prayer, planning and patient giving and saving (we now have about $2 million in our piggy bank), Wilmore [KY] FMC is digging a hole in the ground. We hope it will become a new building with more space for our church to grow and help others.

“Honestly, I don’t get tremendously excited about building buildings,” said Senior Pastor Daryl Diddle. “I get excited about building people up in the Lord, and sometimes buildings can really help do that. The Lord is simply blessing our efforts in building people, and we’re very grateful.”

After we started digging, some governmental powers made us stop. We waited a long time for Jessamine County Kentucky to approve digging the hole. Then when we got it dug, the engineers said the soil was “unsuitable.” They meant it wouldn’t support the foundation for our new building. So we had to redo some plans and spend extra money to fix things. No doubt there will be other hitches and hangs. Does this mean that the Lord does not want us to go ahead with this project? No, it means we live in an imperfect world.

By this time next year, we hope the new construction will connect our sanctuary building with our activities building making one glorious structure where no adult Sunday school class has to meet in a roped off end of the basketball court as it does now. The youth pastor will have a real office, not the used-to-be supply closet she now uses. We praise God for the church growth that created these needs. Many of our church attendees are students at Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary. They are training for ministry all over the world. Our humble prayer is that the new building not only will have a firm physical foundation. It will create space for teaching, worship and learning that all of us can carry to the ends of our several worlds.

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