There has been much excitement in our household as Mitchell and Zachary have prepared to go on a missions trip during their spring break.  As I right this they are smack dab in the middle of their week in southern Indiana helping people in Pike County, the poorest county in the state. The thing that was amazing to me was that as they prepared to go they were excited about “going on” a mission trip.  To them this was something very new and they were thrilled to be able to minister and help people.  From the contact I’ve had with Zach this week they have done just that.  Then I started thinking about how excited they were about being missionaries.  Our life is one big mission trip–it’s what we do.  We live missionary life every single day.  But to my boys this is just life.  But for them to be able to go off with a group like TFC’s and do missions, now this was a mission trip.  I just loved this whole scenario as it unfolded.  Our lives everyday should be missional and we should be living that way and not even realizing it.