Free Methodists Stand Against Family Separation


The history of the Free Methodist Church is rooted in the biblical command to live in holy love. This love comes from God and is available to all. Receiving this love from our Lord gives us a renewed love for people who are marginalized, poor and disenfranchised. Our vision is to disciple every believer with the expectation that they would deliver the whole gospel to every man and woman, regardless of station, race or class (2015 Free Methodist Church Book of Discipline, ¶112).

Free Methodists are proud to be a part of the Evangelical Immigration Table, as their beliefs align with our own. The Evangelical Immigration Table explains “National immigration laws have created a moral, economic and political crisis in America. Initiatives to remedy this crisis have led to polarization and name calling in which opponents have misrepresented each other’s positions as open borders and amnesty versus deportations of millions. As evangelical Christian leaders, we call for a solution on immigration that: Respects the God-given dignity of every person, protects the unity of the immediate family, respects the rule of law, guarantees secure national borders, ensures fairness to taxpayers, and establishes a path toward legal status and/or citizenship for those who qualify and who wish to become permanent residents.”

The Board of Bishops, along with hundreds of other evangelical leaders, have signed a letter to President Trump that embodies the above beliefs. To read the letter, click here. To view the list of influential signatories, click here.

We invite you to join us in bringing awareness to this important and controversial topic.

Read more about our stance on immigration and how our churches are engaging with migrant communities.

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