Free Methodist Church USA "let there be light" with Dove-Flame Mark. Orange and Blue.

FMC Leaders

Board of Bishops

Free Methodist Church – USA

Each of our three Bishops serves one-third of the United States and represent the FMC in different world areas.

Board of Administration

The General Conference of FMCUSA elects a Board of Administration (BOA). This Board is comprised of all the FMCUSA Bishops, additional elders to total 12 clergy with equal representation from each US area (North, South, West), 12 lay members with equal representation from each US area, and honorary members as the BOA shall designate and approve. Members are nominated by their annual conference and voted in by the General Conference. The BOA is responsible for policy, procedural, financial, and legal issues that arise during the interim between General Conference sessions.

Picture of Members of Current Board of Administration

Susan Agel, Chair
Linda Adams, Bishop
Pamela J. Braman
Amy C. Clark
Janice L. Coleman
Keith Cowart, Bishop
Bruce N. Cromwell

John F. Davis
Debra N. Davis-Bell
Mark Dowley
Rukshan Fernando
Gloria Girgis
Eric W. Logan

Edward K. Martin
Mark Mason
Melinda Matzdorff
Myller C. Olivio
Elisee Ouoba
Javier Quintana
Glen D. Prior

Malachi Salcido
Allan E. Sones
Anna Alexandra Soto
Amelia Cleveland-Traylor
Julie Weber, Secretary
Matt Whitehead, Bishop


Our Superintendents lead Annual Conferences of the Free Methodist Church, overseeing Pastors and Churches. Each of them embodies the gifts and graces of their calling to lead the church of Jesus Christ.