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2023 Ministries

  • Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund
  • Free Methodist World Missions
  • ICCM
  • Set Free Movement
  • The Center for Pastoral Formation
  • Chaplains Association of the FMC
  • Marston Memorial Historical Center
  • Men’s Ministries International
Bishops' Crisis Response Fund

The Free Methodist Church is marvelously connected to respond globally to the pain of crises as they appear. We have a deeply rooted mission to bring relief to our brothers and sisters while taking the gospel to the poor. Is the Lord preparing us for such a time as this as we extend compassionate hands in our own neighborhoods and around the world? This is an opportune time to creatively share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bishops' Crisis Response Fund

Free Methodist World Missions makes disciples by mobilizing the global church and empowering international leaders to establish transformation churches. FMWM send missionaries into all the world to make disciples, to build them together in His church, and to engage in ministries of compassion and human development in the name of Christ. FMWM also disciples the next generation of leaders in the Wesleyan ethos through the development of Head (knowledge), Heart (spiritual formation), and Hands (ministry fruitfulness). There is a unique opportunity to help FMWM continue answering God’s call in their ministerial work around the world through the “One Voice Offering”.

Bishops' Crisis Response Fund

ICCM started in 1965 and is now changing lives in more than 30 countries. ICCM dreams of a world in which every child is loved, safe and developing their God-given potential. They advocate for the spiritual, physical, cognitive, and social development of children through sponsorship and special projects. ICCM supporters make a monumental impact. In 2021 through specific country food funds and Extend Your Table $309,040 provided food to children and their families. Also, in 2021 $52,000 was directed to anti-trafficking efforts. ICCM can be the change for children and communities through its supporters.

Bishops' Crisis Response Fund

There are millions of people trapped in human trafficking today. Women, men and children that are unable to walk away, under the threat of violence, forced to do things they don’t want to do. The Set Free Movement’s vision is to see the vulnerable protected, captives set free, and the oppressed experiencing hope and healing as neighborhoods are transformed. Since 2015, the Set Free Movement has trained over 185,000 community members, directly supported 13,800+ survivors or people at-risk, reached and trained 30,486+ youth with volunteers completing over 37,000 hours of critical work. By supporting the Set Free Movement’s projects, people can be set free, communities can be transformed and we can help create a healthy world.

Bishops' Crisis Response Fund

Located at Greenville University, in Greenville, Illinois, The Center for Pastoral Formation is designed to serve the Free Methodist denomination in perpetuity as a leadership development and credentialing organization with a comprehensive approach to teaching timeless orthodox theology, church history, spiritual disciplines, the practicalities of church governance, and leadership skills. The Center’s diverse community of learners include persons who are pursuing ordination, seasoned pastors who hunger for continued education, and others who intend to serve the Lord as laypersons and want to grow in knowledge and effectiveness. Supporting the continued development of current church leadership and the next generation of leaders helps individuals respond to God’s calling to ministry.

Select “I want to support” and then select the first of the dropdown menu options: “Bastian Family Fund for the Center for Pastoral Formation: Character, Competence, and Credentialing.”

Bishops' Crisis Response Fund

Free Methodist Chaplaincy is a specific calling to represent the Free Methodist Church – USA in specialized ministry settings as an extension of the denomination and the chaplain’s ordaining conference. Free Methodist Chaplains are serving in hospitals, hospice and palliative care, college campuses, retirement centers and nursing homes, counseling centers, marketplace and community interest groups, special schools, county jails, state and federal prisons, VA medical centers, police/fire/emergency services, and Army, Navy, Air Force Chaplaincies (in the USA and overseas). In these places the Holy Spirit is at work and He beckons us to, ‘Come and minister to the deep spiritual needs of people.’

Bishops' Crisis Response Fund

The Marston Memorial Historical Center was created over 50 years ago to service the Free Methodist Church by housing and recording documents pertaining to the history of the Free Methodist Church. These documents include a variety of items from the formation of new annual conferences, letters from missionaries, manuscripts and more. The Center has many projects in the works and their collection is invaluable for people conducting research, connecting with family members and friends and more. None of this could be done without support from the FM community and beyond.

Bishops' Crisis Response Fund

MMI is being re-launched with a focus more on strengthening the Men’s ministries in our local and global churches. The goal is that a team will consult churches and travel, if needed, to make assessments on how MMI can help grow and disciple their men … also establish Men’s ministries, discipleship groups, Men’s Retreats and Men’s Conferences regional and national. We also have our Project II Timothy 2:2. The purpose of Operation 2 Timothy 2:2 is to equip and assist indigenous evangelists and church planters to effectively take the good news of Jesus Christ in the foreign field using their own language to their people. By disciplining and training national pastors, church planters and evangelists in their home countries and cultures, more people can be reached to tell others about Jesus. Our Mission is in the spirit of 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”