20/20 Clarity for 2020

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Love God

To love God with our whole mind and being is the first and greatest commandment (Matthew 22:37-38). Jesus also is aware when our “first love” has departed and will remind us (Revelation 2:4). Do we love God as we ought? It’s a sobering question that demands examining our hearts. January’s Light + Life will open up the discussion.

Love people

To love others in the way commanded by Jesus means we do it “as ourselves.” (Matthew 22:39) Is it really possible to define how to best love others amid lives that can’t give or receive true love due to brokeness, trauma, abuse and dysfunction? How is love to be best expressed through the body of Christ? Get ready to navigate the confusion and discuss this essential command of Christ.

Make disciples

What is a disciple? A believer? A follower? In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) Jesus tells us to make disciples of all nations. How do we know when we are making disciples or merely proselytizing converts? (Matthew 23:15) Prepare to discuss answers to these questions and more as we seek to define and pursue making disciples in March’s issue.

Unstoppable Grace

Free Methodists understand the grace of God to be expressed in four works that, though unique, are not separate. The same Holy Spirit works in them all to accomplish one purpose: sanctify the person. Prevenient grace, saving grace, sanctifying grace and glorifying grace are the topic of April’s Light + Life. We will be discussing how and why this matters to the daily life of Christians.

Sanctified Sexuality

Had Eden not been ruined by the fall of humankind, sexuality would never have experienced the confusion and perversion it has, and continues to have to the present day. The topic of May’s Light + Life will pose the question, “How is sex expressed when sanctified through the Lord who created it?” The issue isn’t about what’s allowable, the issue we will discuss is, what is holy?

Racial unity

The Kingdom of God is, and will be, comprised of people from every tribe, nation and tongue. In a world marked by nearly incalculable divisions, how is racial unity possible? Discussion in June’s issue will focus on racial unity in the church. How is it accomplished? Could it be that our current conversations are actually working against what we want so much? Join the this critical conversation in June!

Strangers in the World

How do we best be “in the world” but not “of the world?” The mere fact that Peter describes the people of God as “strangers” tells us that we are to be markedly different from others who are outside of Christ. How different is different? In what ways are our differences supposed to take shape in the world? Add your voice to July’s conversation in Light + Life Magazine.

Bridging Generations

Our generational differences do not diminish our need for one another. We need exchange of generational ideas, dreams, vision and wisdom. Young and old belong at the table where discipleship is lived-out and iron-sharpens-iron. How good are we at this? If our generations are segregated, why and what can be done to change it? Get ready to discuss this in August’s magazine.

Above Board

One of the ways today’s Free Methodists live “above board” is to refrain from secret societies. It’s not an outdated concept. There is a big difference between holy and safe confidentiality and divisive secrecy. Is a private Facebook group a secret society? How about a private church meeting where the pastor is un-invited? Let’s discuss living above board in September’s Light + Life.


Miracles followed Jesus. We know and believe that God works miracles today because we see it in the experiences of people around the world. The questions come when we discuss things like, “When does God heal and how?” What role does faith play in miracles? What does it mean for a mountain to move? Prepare to discuss these questions and more in October’s issue.

Hunger and Thirst

Jesus says there is a blessing for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Historically, Free Methodists have been people who have hungered for holiness with red-hot earnestness. How hungry and thirsty are we for righteousness and holiness today? How does hunger for things of the world affect our hunger for the Lord and His will? Join the conversation in Light + Life this November.

The Message of the Cross

Though it may seem odd to focus on the cross during Advent, it really makes logical sense. After all, Jesus came to us, knowing the plans etched into His destiny. Paul spoke of the “message of the cross” (1 Corinthians 1:18). When Jesus was born, He “took up His cross,” walking with it daily until He was crucified. When we are born again, we too join in the message of the cross. Let’s talk about bearing our cross during advent 2020 in Light + Life.