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Biblically Rooted, Theologically Free Methodist Wesleyan

ROOTS begins with the scriptures and clearly communicates the biblical stories and truths through the Free Methodist, Wesleyan view of the scriptures. Kids will find God as an Eternal Three-In-One God who reveals Himself to them through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They will know God as a Holy and Loving God. They will experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. They will learn how God most accurately expressed authentic humanity in the person of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who came into our lives to show us the Way, Truth and Life God extends to all people. More than the biblical story, ROOTS teaches kids to know God, not just know about Him.

Content Rich to Accommodate Different Ministries

Whether your group meets on Sunday mornings only, Wednesday nights only, or multiple times a week, the content in ROOTS is plentiful and rich. With ROOTS you can take one lesson and spread it out over as many as three weeks. Take your time as kids not only hear the principles but engage with God through lectio divina, prayer stations and object lessons. ROOTS is designed to provide margins for the Teacher to speak, not just the teacher.

How To Guide, Teacher's Notes, Home Connection, Graphics

ROOTS has you covered. There is a “How To Use This Curriculum” Guide to get you started. The Teacher’s notes guide you step-by-step through the scriptures, sermons, object lessons, and experiences. There is an accompanying Graphics collection with graphics for projections, hand-outs you can print and “Home Connection.” ROOTS encourages families to become deeply rooted together. Home Connection can be shared in print or electronically so families can experience God together. A great deal of intentionality based on the wealth of expereince from the author has made ROOTS a timely, engaging, beneficial curriculum.

kids are the church today

Have you heard it said that our kids are the church of tomorrow? Not true. God calls kids. He speaks to them. He hears and answers their child-like, faithful prayers. He knew them before they were born. 

ROOTS is designed to fuel the fires of a deep, holy, authentic experience with God in the hearts of children. Children who pray – children who know God’s voice – children who love His Word. 


Q & A

Does ROOTS replace CLC? 
No, ROOTS is different. CLC was an Awana-type program, geared for use as midweek or Sunday evening programming. ROOTS can be used both on Sunday and midweek.


How do the materials come?
ROOTS is a downloadable, digital curriculum. You purchase the material and then download it right here!  Once you purchase the curriculum, you are given a password to access the resources. There will be files to download for each section including graphic files.


Are there lots of materials we will have to purchase? No. Any needed additional materials are basic supplies churches will have on hand like construction paper, markers, etc. There are a few optional purchases to aid in the lesson and all those are easy-to-find through online retailers. Also, public libraries can be excellent sources for additional children’s books.


Q & A

Will there be more years written?
We’re hopeful that our FMC family of churches will engage their children with ROOTS. Support for this curriculum will determine the ability to publish future sections and lessons.


Is ROOTS a chronological through-the-Bible curriculum?
No. We sought the Lord’s direction in what kids REALLY need to know to experience the fullness of salvation and life in Him and then chose Bible stories that best fit the concepts. You might even find some “not often taught” stories included!


There is so much good children’s curriculum out there; what makes ROOTS different?
ROOTS was designed as a Free Methodist, Wesleyan curriculum to help kids know God — not just to know ABOUT Him. Our holiness experience is based upon an intimate relationship with God, and our kids are eager to know Him.


We don’t have midweek ministry programing; can this be taught just on Sunday?
Yes! There are six components or parts to each lesson, plus a HomeConnection component. Within the curriculum are suggested schedules. You could even split the lesson over two Sundays!


Q & A

Does ROOTS include a Bible Memory Verse Program?
Yes and no. Each section has at least one or two scripture passages kids may memorize. There is not a verse-of-the-week but rather two to three passages for kids to memorize. It is up to the teacher how to encourage children, but there are PLENTY of memory verse activities and games included.


How many volunteers does ROOTS require?
That depends on the numbe of kids you minister to. ROOTS could be done with just 1-2 volunteers or you could have one main teacher and several small group leaders for the small group time. If you don’t do the small group component, and keep the kids as a large group, this would reduce your need for additional volunteers.


Does ROOTS have age-level classes or is it just large group?
Both, if you want! You could choose to have only a large group time and not use the small group component or just use the questions from the small group component — basically keep everyone together. You could also have your large group time and then dismiss to grade-level classes (or younger elementary and older elementary) for small group time. The Small Group Component has a set of review questions to discuss, and optional activities (arts and crafts) — easier ones for younger kids and more involved activities for older kids. 

Try "God-One and Three" a Sample Lesson

Section one, lesson one is available for download right here!


download the “How to use this curriculum” guide

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