Zahniser Chapel

Marston Memorial Historical Center dedicated Zahniser Chapel, located within the World Ministries Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Raider Redeemed

Jesus took hold of Jacob DeShazer while was a prisoner in Japan after he was captured during the Doolittle Raid following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. He went back to Japan as a missionary.

Free Indeed

From its inception, Free Methodism has stood for justice and inclusion of the disenfranchised. This Civil Rights-era photo from a Free Methodist church in Shreveport, Louisiana is a reminder of that calling.

Bishop Marston

Seen here near the end of his tenure as bishop (1935-64), Leslie R. Marston’s passion for Free Methodist history, was instrumental in founding the Marston Memorial Historical Center.

The Mission of the Free Methodist Historical Society is to preserve Free Methodist heritage and transmit it faithfully to each generation in order to assist the Free Methodist Church in fulfilling its mission.

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historical e-books

The Marston Memorial Historical Center and the B.L. Fisher Library of Asbury Theological Seminary are in partnership to produce digitized materials and reprints of important historical works from the Free Methodist tradition through Asbury Theological Seminary’s First Fruits Press. Of an initial 25 projects proposed, some books have been finished and are currently available at It is the hope of First Fruits Press, the B.L. Fisher Library, Asbury Theological Seminary, and the Marston Historical Center that this partnership will further study and research into the history and influence of the Free Methodist Church by both academics and lay people alike-.

Dinner and a movie at gc19

Celebrate 50 years in ministry for the Marston Historical Center at GC19 with “Dinner, a Movie & Cake” on Thursday, July 18.

There will be a 5 PM Movie Time (Doors open at 4:45 PM) for “The Amazing Story of Sgt. Jacob DeShazer,” who was a WWII Doolittle Raider and prisoner of war turned Free Methodist missionary.

The cost is $14 for a boxed meal and the movie or $2 for the movie only.

This movie was produced in the 1950s by the Seattle Pacific School of Missions. Following the movie we will have a Trivia quiz on WWII/DeShazer trivia – prizes will be handed out. Children should be accompanied by an adult.

Register by clicking the button below – Deadline for Registration is June 10th, 2019

flat b.t. & flat ellen

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Kirundi-English, English-Kirundi Dictionaries

From 1944 to 1986 Elizabeth “Betty” Ellen Cox served as a missionary to equatorial Africa working for the General Missionary Board of the Free Methodist Church.  Miss Cox filled many posts as a missionary, but it became apparent early on that her true gift was languages.  This dictionary is one of the 52 books she worked on during her 40 years of missionary service to equatorial Africa. An account of Miss Cox’s years in Africa can be found in her autobiography, Simply Following.

The dictionary may be reproduced free of charge.  Acknowledgments should include Miss Cox as its author and the Marston Memorial Historical Center as its source.  It is Miss Cox’s hope that the dictionary will continue to be used as it was intended—to glorify God and bring people to Jesus.

Any attempt to reproduce this book for monetary gain is in violation of copyright law.

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