Free Methodist Church USA "let there be light" with Dove-Flame Mark. Orange and Blue.

The Love Required of Us

By Light + Life Publishing

September 22, 2020
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The video links on this page are provided as a companion to “The Love Required of Us” by Liz Cornell. Visit the author’s website at for more on her work and to request facilitator training.

“Eyes to See”

by Pastor Albert Tate, Fellowship Church, Monrovia California, as referenced in Session Two of “The Love Required of Us” on page 17.

“Clark Doll Study”

As referenced in Session Five of “The Love Required of Us” on page 72.

“Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes”

As referenced in Session Six of “The Love Required of Us” on page 87. This is an external link to the PBS Frontline page where you can view the video. Please see page 87 of your book for specific viewing permissions for PBS.