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Position Papers

Position Papers of the Free Methodist Church USAAbove Board A Position Paper of the Free Methodist Church USA A...

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FM Networks

Free Methodist NetworksOUR MISSION is to be a healthy biblical community of Free Methodist leaders supporting one...

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FMCUSA Area Directors Leadership Team

The Area Directors Leadership Team and Board of Bishops oversee all missionary work originating in the Free Methodist Church USA General Conference. This includes general oversight of policies and strategies, teaching healthy missiology, recruiting and appointing candidates for missionary service, and encouraging global church planting.

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FMCUSA Executive Leadership Team

Under the direction of the Board of Bishops, the Executive Leadership Team (XLT) exists to aid and support superintendents, conference leadership teams, and other denominational entities in the implementation of the denominational vision frame (mission, values, strategy, and mission measures) and cultivation of the five values of The Free Methodist Way.

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FMCUSA Board of Bishops

Bishops are the general overseers of the Church. The Board of Bishops provides primary pastoral leadership of the denomination with ecclesiastical authority to lead and direct the Church, and develop and articulate the purpose, vision, values and expected outcomes of the Church. Each of our three Bishops serves one-third of the United States and represent the FMC in different world areas.

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Subscribe to the Free Methodist Church USA Email ListThe historical, theological and missiological document of the...

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