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Here's Jesus

Bishop Emeritus David and Yvonne Roller take you on a journey through the Gospel of Luke. 82 video segments, filmed in 45 countries, over a number of years.

Visit the website, to view the videos.

Visit to purchase the optional, full-color “travel guide” to navigate the journey.

Redeem the time set aside at this unprecedented moment in history by exploring the Gospel of Luke with David & Yvonne Roller.


Download Section One – NINE Lessons for FREE

Worship with your children at home or online while learning the Bible and experiencing God!

Church at Home with ROOTS

Light + Life Publishing is pleased to offer ROOTS, Section One for FREE.

You’ll receive all nine lessons, all the graphics, and even four object lesson videos. We pray your family will be be enriched as you and your kids learn the Bible together, read it together, pray together, have fun together, and experience God together. 

Object Lesson Videos 

By Christie Kessinger, Author of ROOTS

Lesson One Object Lesson

God – One, and Three

Lesson Three Object Lesson

Jesus, the Son of God

How to Have Church at Home

Many Christians and churches around the world wondering how they can continue to meet and fellowship as a body of believers while protecting the health of vulnerable members and staying compliant with local health advisories or quarantine restrictions around large group gatherings.

The good news is that followers of Jesus have been holding low-density meetings in small groups and in private homes since the beginning!

If your church is looking for simple, no-cost, and effective ways for members to continue connecting with pastors, leaders, and each other, here are resources for you.

Family Prayer Field Guide by Seedbed

Winfield and Kay Bevins help us embrace family prayer through this free resource. Gathering together as a family, around prayer, is a gift and brings us into places of deeply rooting our families in the promises and realities of God’s Kingdom. 

Free Book

Prayer is as simple as “entering in.”

In this free resource, Brett Heintzman helps you explore numerous ways to pray. Gather your family or small group, share this resource and break into new directions in your prayer life. 

Join JD Walt for six comforting days in Psalm 23

This resource is offered with the gratitude of the FMCUSA by Seedbed. Visit Seedbed or NewRoom for more enriching resources.

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We at Warner Christian Resources care about your faith journey, your questions as a seeker of truth, and your transformation as a Christ-follower.

Each day we commit ourselves to the creation of Christian products that are rooted in the inspired Word of God…

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Pathways Daily Devotional

Download the PDF with daily readings from now through April 30th