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Thoughts On Celebrating Communion Virtually

Guidance and Resources for Local Churches

Guidance Document

“Thoughts On Celebrating Communion Virtually” is a document that helps us understand and embrace the practice of the Sacrament of Communion while being distanced from one another. Click below to download and read the document endorsed by the Board of Bishops.

The Communion Ritual Resources

The FMC Communion Ritual is offered here as well. The PDF document is a bulletin layout of the service for Communion. The Media Slides are a series of 16:9 ratio images you can use to broadcast in your live stream, helping people follow along and recite the powerful liturgy of our communion ritual.

A FM Response to Racism Amid COVID-19 

Guidance Document for the FMC Family

Guidance Document

The Justice Network of the Free Methodist Church presents a response to racism during the current pandemic. Please read and consider your role in improving the situation. This has been endorsed by the Board of Bishops.

Welcome to the Home Church Guide Book!

…a resource designed to equip you to be the spiritual leader of your household.
You’ve totally got this! You don’t need a seminary degree or a certificate of ordination to lead your household in worship. As a leader in your home, you are authorized by Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20) and commissioned by the Church (1 Peter 2:4-9; Revelation 5:6-10) to provide spiritual leadership for your household!
In fact, the Body of Christ is at its most effective when every Christian home has someone within the home who is providing spiritual leadership, encouragement, and discipleship for the members of their individual household. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Nick shares more free resources at his website, “Like Trees Planted”

A Timely Conversation.

Bishops Adams, Cowart, and Whitehead spent an hour with the FMC family via Facebook Live discussing how we can embrace our opportunities based on our new reality. From prayer to acting with risk, evaluating our present situations, and worship in our homes, our Bishops shared from their hearts that now is a great time to be reminded that we are to be rooted in our mission to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples. 

Watch, be challenged, and encouraged.

“The Problem of Wineskins”

by Howard Snyder – Special 40th Edition.

This book was recommended during the live stream. We are in a “New Wine” time and yet are must deal with our old structures and systems. This book is available for purchase at Seedbed. Click the book cover below to purchase now.

National Prayer Ministry Facebook Page

Click the NPM Logo to be taken to our Facebook Page, where prompts for prayer are posted. This resource was mentioned in the live stream.

Here is a beautiful prayer from one of our FM Global Leaders referenced and read by Bishop Linda Adams during the livestream.

Moving Video

Use in online worship services

Last year in 2019, Asia FM churches reported over 13,500 first time decisions for Jesus! Thank God! Last year in 2019, Asia FM churches started or planted over 500 new churches and groups! And the LIFE brought forth from the grave continues to press into the darkness with uncontainable HOPE! We think this video of the church in worship and mission could work really well as part of the online streaming services for your Sunday online worship meetings.

Visit FM World Missions’ Website to read the Heartbeat newsletter, learn about our missionaries and pray for the global church.

Free Video

Grow in Prayer

How does the current global situation inform our praying for a great spiritual awakening in our day? Join guests J.D. Walt, Author of the Seedbed Daily Text, and Dr. David Thomas, Director of New Room, along with Brett Heintzman, Director of the National Prayer Ministry of the FMCUSA, to discuss, teach and encourage the church to prayer. Presented yesterday evening on Facebook Live, this video will inspire you to disciple differently, pray more earnestly, consider deeply our path forward, and encourage your leadership.

More resources are available at the NPM website.

Free PDF Book

Grow in Leadership

“Leadership is not just something you do, it is who you become. Your level of influence is directly tied to the person you become — your soul mass. There is no short cut.”
Those who try to exert great levels of influence without building their internal soul mass either fail to develop traction or implode under the weight of their own influence. Gravity is a story and guide that will help you become the kind of leader we need in these times of uncertainty and change. Join others reading now! Engage in conversation and access tools to go deeper in developing your soul mass by joining the Gravitational Leadership Facebook Group.

Redeeming Our COVID Captivity

Click HERE to go to the video and download.

Please receive this gift of encouragement from Missionary Phyllis Sortor at this most unusual time in our nation and for the Body of Christ. Five years ago Phyllis was kidnapped in Nigeria and held hostage for twelve days. In captivity, her life was threatened daily and terror gripped her. Then, she found turn-around hope in an act of love. Later, when recovering from the ordeal, she had to decide if she would return to Nigeria or remain captive to the traumatic fear.

During the process of making a documentary of her story we encountered a set-back in our timing, but now we see a gift from God to bless the Church with hope. In this fifteen-minute video, you will hear Phyllis’ testimony of victory and message of new life as we face “captivity” of this COVID quarantine.

Here's Jesus

Bishop Emeritus David and Yvonne Roller take you on a journey through the Gospel of Luke. 82 video segments, filmed in 45 countries, over a number of years.

Visit the website, to view the videos.

Visit to purchase the optional, full-color “travel guide” to navigate the journey.

Redeem the time set aside at this unprecedented moment in history by exploring the Gospel of Luke with David & Yvonne Roller.


Download Section One – NINE Lessons for FREE

Worship with your children at home or online while learning the Bible and experiencing God!

Church at Home with ROOTS

Light + Life Publishing is pleased to offer ROOTS, Section One for FREE.

You’ll receive all nine lessons, all the graphics, and even four object lesson videos. We pray your family will be be enriched as you and your kids learn the Bible together, read it together, pray together, have fun together, and experience God together. 

Object Lesson Videos 

By Christie Kessinger, Author of ROOTS

Lesson One Object Lesson

God – One, and Three

Lesson Three Object Lesson

Jesus, the Son of God

How to Have Church at Home

Many Christians and churches around the world wondering how they can continue to meet and fellowship as a body of believers while protecting the health of vulnerable members and staying compliant with local health advisories or quarantine restrictions around large group gatherings.

The good news is that followers of Jesus have been holding low-density meetings in small groups and in private homes since the beginning!

If your church is looking for simple, no-cost, and effective ways for members to continue connecting with pastors, leaders, and each other, here are resources for you.

Family Prayer Field Guide by Seedbed

Winfield and Kay Bevins help us embrace family prayer through this free resource. Gathering together as a family, around prayer, is a gift and brings us into places of deeply rooting our families in the promises and realities of God’s Kingdom. 

Free Book

Prayer is as simple as “entering in.”

In this free resource, Brett Heintzman helps you explore numerous ways to pray. Gather your family or small group, share this resource and break into new directions in your prayer life. 

Join JD Walt for six comforting days in Psalm 23

This resource is offered with the gratitude of the FMCUSA by Seedbed. Visit Seedbed or NewRoom for more enriching resources.